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Keep Dancing Loyalty Card

The Scheme

We are very excited to introduce the Keep Dancing Loyalty Card!


How it works:

1. Collect a blank loyalty card at your next dance and add your name to the card.

2. For each sequence dance or social dance, you will receive 1 stamp. You will receive a red stamp for a Sequence Dance and a green stamp for a Social Dance.

3. When you have collected either 7 red stamps or 7 green stamps, entry to your 8th dance will be free!

If you attend both types of events (Social Dances & Sequence Dances), then you will need 2 loyalty cards - one for sequence dances and one for social dances. Each loyalty card can only collect one colour of stamp. 

Loyalty cards are only valid for individuals and therefore couples will need one card each. 

Loyalty card 1.jpg
Loyalty card 2.jpg

Terms & Conditions of the Scheme:

1. Use of the Keep Dancing Loyalty Card, hereafter known as 'the card' constitutes your acceptance of these terms and conditions.

2. If you attend a Keep Dancing dance and pay a standard admission price, then you will receive 1 stamp on the card (the colour of stamp will depend on which type of event you attend as described above). Once you have collected 7 stamps of the same colour, entry to your 8th dance will be free.

3. The card must be presented at the time of entry, both for acquiring stamps and when redeeming the full card.

4. No photocopies or photos of the card will be accepted.

5. Free entry to our events cannot be redeemed for Special Occasion dances, such as Christmas and New Year. Special Occasion dances have a higher than usual admission price. You can collect a green stamp for a special occasion dance.

6. The free entry cannot be redeemed in conjunction with any other offer or promotion, except at the discretion of The Keep Dancing Committee.

7. The card cannot be exchanged for cash or credit, and has no cash or transferable value.

8. The card cannot be transferred between individuals. Only the named person on the card can redeem free admission.

9. Lost cards (and any stamps on the card) cannot be replaced. Lost cards will be replaced with a blank card.

10. The Keep Dancing Committee reserve the right to withdraw or amend the scheme at any time. The Committee also reserves the right to refuse a free admission.

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